Are you looking to add a touch of beachy charm to your jewelry collection? Look no further! In this step-by-step guide, we will explore the art of creating your very own puka shell necklace. Originating from the pristine beaches of Hawaii and other tropical locations, puka shell necklaces have become a beloved symbol of beach culture. By following our DIY tutorial, you can unleash your creativity and design a unique piece of jewelry that captures the essence of the ocean. With just a few materials and a dash of imagination, you’ll be able to create a stunning puka shell necklace that reflects your personal style and brings a touch of coastal beauty to any outfit. So let’s dive in and discover the joy of crafting your own beachy masterpiece!

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  1. Gathering Materials

To create your DIY puka shell necklace, you’ll need a few essential materials. The primary component, of course, is the puka shells themselves. These can be found in craft stores or purchased online. Alternatively, if you have access to beaches with puka shells, you can collect them yourself. Remember to clean and sanitize the shells before use.


Next, you’ll need a sturdy nylon or silk cord that matches your desired necklace length. Be sure to choose a cord that is strong enough to hold the weight of the shells. Additionally, you’ll require small spacer beads to add a touch of elegance and to secure the shells in place. These beads can be made of wood, glass, or any other material that complements your style.


Lastly, you’ll need jewelry pliers, a clasp, and jump rings to fasten the ends of the necklace together. These can be found in most craft stores or online jewelry supply shops.


  1. Designing Your Necklace

Before you begin assembling your necklace, it’s essential to plan its design. Lay out the shells and spacer beads in the order you prefer, experimenting with different arrangements until you find one that appeals to you. Consider the size, shape, and color of each shell as well as the spacing between them. This is your chance to let your creativity shine and create a necklace that truly reflects your personal style.


Once you are satisfied with your design, it’s time to start stringing the shells and beads onto the cord. Begin by threading a spacer bead onto the cord, followed by a puka shell. Continue this pattern until you have strung all the shells and beads, leaving a small gap at the ends for attaching the clasp.


  1. Securing the Necklace

To ensure your necklace stays intact, it’s crucial to secure the ends properly. Using jewelry pliers, attach a jump ring to one end of the cord and a clasp to the other end. This will allow you to easily fasten and unfasten the necklace.


Once the jump ring and clasp are securely attached, give your necklace a gentle tug to make sure the shells and beads are secure. If any feel loose, use the pliers to tighten the jump ring or add an additional spacer bead to hold them in place.


  1. Finishing Touches

Now that your necklace is complete, take a moment to admire your handiwork. You’ve created a beautiful piece of beachy jewelry that is unique to you. If desired, you can personalize your necklace further by adding charms, small trinkets, or even painting the shells with acrylic paint to create a one-of-a-kind design.


To ensure the longevity of your necklace, avoid exposing it to excessive moisture or harsh chemicals. When not in use, store it in a jewelry box or a small pouch to prevent tangling and damage.



Congratulations on successfully creating your very own DIY puka shell necklace! By following this step-by-step guide, you’ve embraced your creativity and crafted a beautiful piece of beachy jewelry. Wear your necklace with pride, knowing that it captures the essence of the ocean and reflects your unique style.

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