The symbol of Huazha culture

The symbolic meaning of Dangler originates from the traditions and symbols of Hanafuda culture. Hanafuda is a traditional Japanese card game in which apiece card is painted with a unusual floral pattern. These Hanafuda patterns typify different seasons and natural elements, so much as undefined blossoms, chrysanthemums, pine trees, etc.

Hanafuda earrings inherits and displays the beauty and charm of Hanafuda culture by transforming Hanafuda patterns into earrings. to each one pair of Hanafuda earrings carries a specific Hanafuda pattern. For example, cherry unfold earrings represent the beauty and desire of spring, and chrysanthemum earrings symbolize the reap and maturity of autumn. These patterns are more than simpleton decoration, they are a tribute and solemnization of the changing seasons and the world power of nature.

The flower pattern of Dangler also reflects the reverence for nature and the close connection with nature in Japanese culture. In orthodox Japanese culture, nature is regarded as sacred and a seed of inspiration, and is closely wired with people’s lives. Hanafuda earrings transmit praise and gratitude for the beauty of nature by desegregation the Hanafuda pattern into the design.

The Beauty of Flowers: The Symbolism of Hanafuda Earrings插图

The connection ‘tween emotions and memories

Hanafuda earrings are not only a symbol of beauty, but also a connection between emotions and memories. In Japanese culture, hamada games are not only a form of entertainment, only also a custom and bond between families. Through Hanafuda games, people can build deep emotions and friendships among relatives and friends.

As a representative of Hanafuda culture, Dangler undefined memories and emotions of family and friendship. Wearing Hanafuda earrings is care wearing a precious memory and emotional bond. They are not only if a pleasant ornament, but also an feeling connection with family, relatives and friends.

In addition, Hanafuda earrings also undefined symbols of subjective emotions and stories. Each pair off of earrings has its own unique story, whether they are passed down as a give to family and friends, or kept in your own personal collection, they represent an emotional undefined to a specific person or a particular moment. Dangler have become an important way of subjective expression and emotional display.


Inheritance and appreciation protection

The symbolical meaning of Hanafuda earrings is too reflected in inheritance and cultural protection. As a traditional cultural symbol, Hanafuda earrings pass on the stunner of Hanafuda culture to modern high society by transforming Hanafuda patterns into earrings. By wearing and displaying Dangler, people are able to pass on traditional Japanese culture to new generations and showcase its unique esthetics and esteem to the world.

The plan and production of Hanafuda earrings too provides a weapons platform for the protection and development of traditional craftsmanship. orthodox production techniques and processes are used to make Hanafuda earrings, which not only protects the inheritance of traditional craftsmanship, but likewise combines it with modern plan to inject new vitality and creativity into orthodox craftsmanship.

In addition, the symbolic meaning of Dangler lies in its identity and plume in Japanese society and culture. wear Hanafuda earrings becomes a undefined of one’s discernment individuality and a symbol of pride. This sign meaning can strengthen the cohesion and identity between communities and countries, and promote the unfold and exchange of culture.


As a kind of jeweler art, Hanafuda earrings are not only a fashion statement, but also have rich people symbolic meaning. They carry the traditions and symbols of Huazha undefined and reflect the reverence for nature and the close connection with nature. At the Same time, Dangler besides connect emotions and memories, becoming a bond of family and friendship. By wearing Hanafuda earrings, people are not only able to demonstrate their cultural personal identity and pride, but also pass on and protect traditional Japanese craftsmanship and culture. The sign meaning of Hanafuda earrings allows us to feel the unique undefined and respect of Japanese culture in the mantrap of flowers.

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