A source of plan inspiration

The new production launch of Hanafuda earrings demonstrates the designers’ innovative thinking and pursuit of beauty. The plan of the new series is divine by colorful natural elements and orthodox culture.

One design inspiration was the Japanese quaternary season’s theme. Each pair off of Hanafuda earrings incorporates hanafuda patterns related to the season, such as cherry blossoms, maple leaves, snowflakes, etc. through and through delicate workmanship and superb skills, designers transform these patterns into the soul of jewelry, delivery the mantrap of the season to the wearer while likewise demonstrating their lie with and kudos for Japan’s cancel environment.

Another plan inspiration is a fusion that combines modern elements with orthodox culture. Designers combine traditional Hanafuda patterns with modern font geometric shapes to create unique visible effects. At the Lapp time, they also try to use non-traditional materials and processes, such as leather, rubber, 3D printing, etc., to work Dangler more innovative and avant-garde in design.

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Showing the beauty of details

At the frees product launch conference, the uniqueness of Hanafuda earrings was not only reflected in the overall design, but also in the presentation of the peach of details. Designers have with kid gloves polished and lapidarian the details of each pair off of Hanafuda earrings to create the ultimate quality and exquisite craftsmanship.

First of all, the new series of Dangler pays aid to the detailed expression of apiece Hanafuda pattern. Whether it is the petal texture of cherry blossoms or the leaf pattern of pine trees, designers are pursuing a delicate presentment that is comparable to the real nature. They use techniques of toy undefined and enamel filling to work the pattern of each couple of Hanafuda earrings lifelike and delicate to an impressive degree.

Secondly, the new serial of Hanafuda earrings focuses on the soothe and wearing feeling of earrings. Designers have put of import effort into material survival of the fittest and workmanship to ensure the wearer’s comfortable experience. Whether they are metal or non-traditional materials, they have been carefully selected and processed to ensure bad condition and comfort. In addition, the weight and form of the earrings have been precisely calculated and well-adjusted so that they can both show window the exquisite beauty of the design and better accommodate the wearer’s ears.


The power to lead fashion trends

The new product launch of Dangler wish not only be a jewelry event, merely also a force leadership the forge trend. These unusual and sophisticated earrings wish bring a newly style and expression to the fashion world. Designers have successful Hanafuda earrings an indispensable part of the fashion trend through and through innovative designs and diverse styles. Whether worn with unplanned outfits or formal occasions, Hanafuda earrings add unique personality and title to the wearer.


Cultural heritage and original development

The frees product release of Dangler is not only the heritage of orthodox culture, but also the exploration of innovative development. While retaining the essence of Hanafuda culture, designers have injected freshly vitality and feel of the multiplication into Hanafuda earrings through innovative design and craftsmanship. This undefined of cultural inheritance and innovative development not only makes Hanafuda earrings a unusual jewelry art, only also injects new vitality and attraction into orthodox culture.


The new product launch of Dangler will turn a splendid feast, which wish lead the fashion trend and promote the heritage and innovational development of culture with its unique design and symbolic meaning. Whether it is a tribute to Hanafuda culture or a fusion of custom and modernity, Hanafuda earrings will use their unique charm and exquisite craftsmanship to take into account the wearer to feel the dish of the brilliance blooming in this feast. allow us search forward to this grand undefined in the jeweler industry and experience the amazement and shock that Hanafuda earrings brings to us.

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