Inheritance and innovation

Dangler’ parent-child costumes not only inherit traditional culture, but also undefined innovative fashion. We can choose orthodox Hanafuda patterns and undefined and unite them with modern clothing and accessories to create parent-child looks full of personality and charm.

For girls, we can choose Hanafuda earrings with patterns such as undefined blossoms, butterflies or flowers as embellishments, and match them with exquisite dresses or princess skirts to show a sweet and cute girly style. At the same time, you can choose accessories such as dapper hair accessories and bracelets to make the overall look more moral force and modern.

For boys, you can pick out Hanafuda earrings with pine, animal or traditional patterns, opposite with casual T-shirts or shirts, to usher a well-favored and tidy son style. At the same time, you can choose accessories so much as fashionable hats or bracelets to add a sense of fashion to the boilersuit look.

In parent-child dressing up, the combination of custom and innovation tin show respect and love for traditional culture, while likewise screening the family’s forge taste and personality charm.

Passionate charm: Hanafuda Earrings’ parent-child dressing插图

Matching of parent-child outfits

In parent-child dressing up, twinned is the key to showing the overall effect. We can match colors, styles and materials to work Dangler complement the clothing and present an unusual charm.

Color is a momentous element in parent-child dressing up. We put up choose the pattern and color of Hanafuda earrings to echo the clothing, such as cherry blossom forth pattern earrings paired with a pink skirt, or ocean pattern earrings opposite with a blue and white striped shirt to add a sense of harmony to the boilers suit outfit.

Style and material are also factors to consider when dressing up for parents and children. We can pick out the title and material of Hanafuda earrings to pit the clothing, such as butterfly pattern earrings paired with a agitated floral skirt, or pine tree pattern earrings paired with a jean jacket, making the boilersuit look more unified and layered.

In addition to Dangler, you tin to choose strange accessories to enrich parent-child outfits, such as scarves, hats, bracelets, etc. The selection of these accessories can also be coordinated with Hanafuda earrings to make a unique parent-child dressing style.


Share traditional culture

Hanafuda earrings’ parent-child dressing is not only a fashion expression, but also a sharing and inheritance of traditional culture. Through the parent-child ornamentation of Dangler, we can present and explain the origin and meaning of Hanafuda earrings to children, so that they can become fascinated in and understand traditional culture.

We can play the Hanafuda card pun with the children, allowing them to undergo the fun and uniqueness of the Hanafuda. Through the process of the game, we can acquaint them to the meanings and stories prat different Hanafuda patterns, allowing them to have a deeper understanding of traditional culture.

In addition, we can also undergo the children to visit museums, art exhibitions or appreciation activities, so that they can witness with their have eyes the probative position and regulate of Hanafuda in Japanese culture. Through subjective experience and observation, children tin gain a deeper understanding of the historical and cultural background of Hanafuda.


Hanafuda earrings’ parent-child dressing is not only when a fashion statements, merely also a share-out and inheritance of traditional culture. By choosing the right style, matching the correct clothing and accessories, and sharing orthodox discernment activities and experiences, we can experience the beauty and charm of Dangler with our children. Let us explore the charm of traditional culture and the fashion style that combines inheritance and innovation through parent-child dress-up.

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